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Get expert advice, information and support. Increase revenues and show clients you are committed to providing a higher level of service

Stay ahead of your competitors, increase sales and be at the forefront of your industry. Assure clients you are a trusted, reliable and professional agency.
Join the fastest growing, nationally recognised estate and letting agents association and benefit from an array of advantages:

  • A proven and guaranteed increase in business directly as a result of being an ELAA-UK member
  • Free access to our professional partners including Legal specialists, marketing advisors, HR advisors, business consultants, accountants, book-keepers, money laundering advisors, IT specialists & many more.
  • The latest property news, legislation and regulatory requirements
  • Receive all of our regular market reports, analysis and publications for free - these include 'Property Expert', 'UK Property market' and 'The Business Times'
  • Receive free copies of all our various consumer leaflets for your clients (including digital copies for you to download, upload to your website or send directly to your clients)
  • Free marketing materials including window stickers, digital copies of our logos for your stationery, email signatures, 'For-Sale' signs and other marketing materials, guidance and information leaflets for your staff, consumer leaflets for your clients, membership certificate, listing on our website and much more
  • Advice and assistance for your business, staff and clients available 24/7
  • Help shape and reform the industry by contributing your views and opinions - Our team regularly advise and consult with various organisations and the government on a variety of issues and policies
  • Benefit from our planned new nationwide, multi-media advertising campaign.

"We advise all home sellers to use an ELAA-UK member to sell their home; it ensures that their agent is reputable and trustworthy. It costs the vendor nothing but could save them a lot of stress and could even help them achieve a higher price for their home"    - Home Sellers Advice service*


"Using a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK is an absolute must for landlords, it assures them their agent is professional and respected. It could save them not only money but also a lot of hassle"    - The Landlord Advisory Service


"Membership of ELAA-UK provides so many benefits, it's a MUST for all agencies"    - ALLUKAGENTS  (Extract from summary of All UK Agents report February 2019)


"Using an experienced, professional agency such as a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK could get you £1,000’s extra as they will usually use their knowledge, experience, contacts and negotiating skills to make sure they get you the best price"    - Article from Home Buying and Selling Jan 2019


The property market is not regulated, there are no regulations on who can be an estate or letting agent. ELAA-UK members are different!

Buying, selling or letting a home is one of the biggest transactions of your life, it can be very complicated and stressful but by choosing an ELAA-UK member to look after your home purchase, sale or let you are ensuring that you are dealing with a reliable, professional and trusted agency that: 

  • Are experienced professionals
  • They will get you the best price for your sale or let
  • Provide accurate market information
  • Serve their clients with integrity and professionalism
  • Are fully accredited
  • Vetted by us - all their credentials are regularly checked
  • Adhere to our expectations of an outstanding service
  • Are fully insured
  • Are members of a government approved UK redress scheme
  • All letting agents are covered by a Client Money Protection scheme or equivalent insurance
  • Exceed all legal requirements for an estate / letting agent
  • Are aware of the latest news, market trends and laws that may affect you
  • They will continuosly communicate with all parties involved
  • They shall provide you with assistance at every stage
  • If you have any complaints about the service you receive you are assured that ELAA will look into these and provide an impartial opinion and inform you of a course of redress

ELAA-UK members are trusted and experienced professionals that serve their clients with accurate market information, integrity, professionalism and a higher standard of service - Make sure you use a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK to look after your transaction.

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