If you have any other questions regarding membership please contact us at membership@elaa-uk.org

Q:            Who can become an ELAA member?
A:            Membership to the Estate & Letting Agents Association of United Kingdom (ELAA-UK) is currently available to most Estate and Letting agents

                in the UK. We do not currently accept 'online only' agencies. We do review this policy regularly, if you are an online only agency that wishes to

                join ELAA-UK please contact us at membership@elaa-uk.org and one of our membership team will discuss this with you.

Q:            Do we have to pay for individual membership for each person in our branch?
A:            No, Membership is per branch so once your branch is a member of the Estate & letting Agents Association all staff and members of the branch

                will benefit from access to all the ELAA-UK online services including ELAA-UK materials, magazines, advice and all our other great services

                and offers and all staff can use the ELAA-UK logo on their stationery, emails, website, marketing materials, etc.

Q:            When a branch becomes a member can all the staff members state that they are ELAA members?
A:            Yes, all staff and members of an ELAA-UK registered branch can state that they are members of the Estate & Letting Agents Association

                including on their business cards, email signatures, etc (we do NOT charge per person). All members of ELAA-UK are given FREE digital

                copies of the ELAA-UK membership logos to use. We DO NOT charge for copies of our logos or our marketing materials such as leaflets,

                window stickers, etc as we believe your membership should include free marketing materials for as long as your branch is a member of


Q:            How much does membership to ELAA-UK cost?
A:            Membership is £600.00 per year, per branch. Membership allows all branch staff to state that they are members of the Estate & Letting Agents

                Association UK and allows them to display the ELAA-UK logo on their business cards, email signatures and other marketing materials.

                Membership also includes a membership pack including free marketing materials (hard and digital copies of leaflets, logos, etc), certificate of

                membership, full access to all of our online services, products, publications, materials, benefits and access to our panel of professionals. If

                during your membership you need more materials or publicationsthen there is no need to worry as all the materials provided can be ordered

                for free – and we are usually able to send them out for next day delivery. ELAA-UK also provides free digital copies of all ELAA-UK publications

                and logos for use on business cards, emails, websites, 'For-Sale' signs, leaflets and other marketing materials. For further pricing information

                please click here

Q:            We offer both sales and letting services, do we have to pay for more than one membership?

A:            No, each branch only pays one membership, this covers all activities and services the branch may offer including sales, lettings, auctions, etc.

                We may, however, require additional information for some services.

Q:            How often do we have to renew our membership?
A:            Membership to the Estate & Letting Agents Association is available on an annual or 3 year basis so you would renew your membership either

                every year or every 3 years accordingly.

Q:            What professionals do we have access to as members of the Estate & Letting Agents Association?
A:            As a valued member of ELAA-UK you have free, unlimited access to some of the UK’s best professionals to help you make your business the

                best. Our panel of professionals include:

                -Legal specialists,

                - Business Consultants,

                - Marketing specialists,

                - PR consultants,

                - HR advisors,

                - Accountants and Book-keepers,

                - Money laundering advisors,

                - IT and website consultants,

                - Branding specialists

                 And many more leading professionals

Q:            What are our obligations as an ELAA-UK member?
A:            As a member of the ELAA-UK you must comply with our code of conduct and rules of membership. These have been created to be simple and

                efficient to ensure that consumers are protected whilst allowing freedom for our members to conduct their business in the most efficient way

                possible. We simply expect you to conduct your business fairly and with integrity. We expect you to simply look after your customers’ needs

                and to ensure you always act in their best interest.

Q:            Will our customers receive information about ELAA-UK?
A:            Yes, Many of your customers would already have heard of ELAA-UK either by word of mouth or via our nationwide marketing campaign. In

                addition to this we provide you with numerous leaflets, guides and promotional materials to give to your clients – These state the benefits of

                using an estate or letting agency that is a member of ELAA-UK. We can also send emails to your potential clients informing them of the

                importance of using only agents registered with the Estate & Letting Agents Association and highlighting the benefits of your particular

                business. All our leaflets and advice sheets are provided to you free of charge and can also be downloaded from the member zone of our


Q:            How can we pay for membership?
A:            We provide a number of ways to pay for membership including simple online payments using credit/debit cards, bank transfer or cheque


Q:           How long does it take for our membership to be activated?
A:           Once we receive your application we will review it and usually your membership is activated within 7 days and we will keep you updated every

               step of the way.

Q:            What is included in the initial membership pack?
A:            The ELAA-UK membership pack includes:

                - Window displays and stickers in various sizes (please note we can provide you with custom designed window stickers to be incorporated with

                   your specific window display if required, please speak to our membership team for more information regarding this)

                - Copies of all ELAA-UK consumer leaflets for your clients

                - Copies of all ELAA-UK member leaflets for your branch and it’s members

                - USB flash drives with digital copies of our logos for you to use on all your stationery, marketing, signage, documents, etc (These include

                  HD/Large scale images so they can be re-sized to your requirements without losing picture quality)
                - USB flash drives with digital copies of all ELAA-UK leaflets
- ELAA-UK contact details on business cards to provide to your clients
- Details of how to access all our online services including leading industry publications, reports, leaflets, stationery, advice, access to various

                   professionals and much more
- Access details to the ELAA-UK member and consumer zone for your clients

Q:            Do we or our staff have to undertake ELAA-UK training, education or qualifications?
A:            No, We do not believe in restricting our members nor do we want to dictate to them what qualifications they must have. ELAA-UK understands

                that your individual experience, education and training is what makes you and your team unique. ELAA-UK does offer access to and discounts

                for a number of educational and training establishments throughout the UK for those of you that wish to progress – these are in partnership with

                colleges, universities and other educational and training centres throughout the UK offering everything from short seminars to full time courses

                (for further information please visit www.ELAA-UK.org)

Q:            Do we have to submit accounts to you?
A:             No. We do not ask your firm to submit accounts or financial reports to us. Our membership is not based on your finances but on the service you

                provide your clients.

Q:            Do we have to buy insurance through the Estate & Letting Agents Association?
A:            No, We do not dictate where you can purchase your insurance or any other product.

Q:            What is the ELAA-UK member zone?
A:            This is where you can login to access all of the great benefits including access to our panel of professionals, marketing/branding materials,

                ELAA-UK publications/reports, latest industry news, jobs post, advice and much more.

Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions regarding membership of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK, if you have a query that has not been answered below please contact us at membership@elaa-uk.org

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