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Higher standards for estate & letting agents throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

All members of the Estate & Letting Agents Association are insured, trusted professionals with the experience and knowledge required to best serve their clients so make sure you choose an ELAA member - Don't just trust anybody to look after one of the greatest transactions of your life!

By choosing an ELAA-UK approved agent you are assured that:

  •   They are members of a recognised and trusted nationwide association
  •   You will be provided the best advice and marketing strategy for your sale or let
  •   They are committed to dealing honestly, professionally and with integrity
  •   Your agent has access to the latest in-depth market reports and news to provide you with the most accurate information for your transaction
  •   They will ensure your transaction goes smoothly and will assist as much as possible during the entire process
  •   They have been fully vetted by the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK
  •   All ELAA-UK members endeavour to get the best outcome for their clients
  •   All of our members must adhere to our code of conduct
  •   Should you have any complaints these will be investigated immediately and you will be kept updated
  •   The Agency you are choosing has all the appropriate Insurances
  •   They have proven knowledge of the local and national housing market
  •   They will market your property in the most effective manner

Why choose an ELAA-UK member?

In the UK there is little legislation regarding who can set up an estate or letting agency. By choosing an ELAA-UK member to oversee what is probably one of the most important transactions of your life you can be assured that your transaction is protected and the agent you are about to choose is a trusted professional. It is your guarantee that your chosen agent has met our criteria for membership and will provide an outstanding service.

Help when you need it most

Unfortunately property transactions almost never go according to plan, there are almost always delays and sometimes negotiations are re-entered into mid-way through the process. An ELAA-UK registered agent will always help to guide you through these issues and provide you with all the information and assistance you need to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly and as stress free as possible and will always try to get you your desired result every time.

A superior service

All ELAA members endeavour to provide you with the most accurate market information, give you the best advice on how to market your property and will endeavour to obtain the best price for you in an efficient and timely manner. ELAA members will usually provide you with not only a free, no obligation valuation but will usually demonstrate to you the reasoning behind the valuation by showing you comparable properties in the area and inform you of other local and national information that may influence both the price and the timescale to complete your sale or let.

Triple Protection

By choosing an ELAA member you are assured that in the unlikely event your chosen agent does make a mistake you are covered. All ELAA members must adhere to the ELAA Code of Conduct, be backed by a UK based redress scheme and be fully insured.

The combination of these 3 vital layers of protection mean that if you have a complaint we will look into it immediately, provide you with regular updates and provide you with a copy of our final report. If you awarded any reimbursements or payments we will also work with you to make sure you receive these as swiftly as possible.