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The Listening association

We at the ELAA-UK know that the best way for the property industry to improve is by listening to those that are a part of it. That's why at the ELAA-UK we love to hear your thoughts and ideas. We be regularly informing the government and other bodies of the issues facing the property industry and are always ready to listen to our members about what issues to raise and how to better the property industry.

We will also be conducting local advertising campaigns including 'family fun days' - to request for us to organise an event in your area please contact us and we will ensure that your potential clients are aware of your business and the benefits of using an ELAA-UK member.

For further information on your agency should join ELAA click here, contact us at membership@elaa-uk.org or simply click on below

Why join ELAA-UK

There are many benefits to joining ELAA-UK including access to all of our insightful publications and newsletters, being able to seek advice and assistance from professionals, benefiting from amazing discounts exclusively for ELAA-UK members but above all it is to show all your potential clients that you are a member of a nationally recognised and highly respected association dedicated to bettering the property industry. In addition to this you will be showing your clients that your firm is a professional and experienced agency dedicated to providing them with an excellent service and that you will always serve them with integrity and act in there best interest.

Public awareness

With our new nationwide, multi media advertising campaigns being rolled out soon ELAA-UK will be THE association that home sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants will want to see that you are a part of.

Our advertising campaigns will emphasise the importance of choosing agents registered with ELAA-UK and we will be constantly highlighting the benefits to them of using only agents registered with the ELAA-UK.

We also plan to conduct local advertising campaigns including 'family fun days' - If you would like us to organise an event in your area please contact us and we will ensure that your local clientele is aware of your business and the benefits of only using an ELAA-UK member.

When joining ELAA-UK

We shall provide you with a free welcome pack including:

Leaflets for clients,

Window stickers,

In store marketing materials,

Access to all of our publications and free subscriptions to our magazines and newsletters,

Listing of your organisation on our website,

Digital copies of our membership logos for you to use on your stationary, websites, emails, advertising, uniforms, etc.

Details of how to access our network of professionals including solicitors, accountants, business advisors, marketing specialists and many other professionals,

Details of how to access our accounting advice network

Unlike other associations all of our promotional materials are FREE and we shall regularly send you more leaflets and marketing materials so you always have enough to provide your clients with the information they need. If you should need any other marketing materials or have an idea you would like us to consider then please contact us and we will be happy to help and to discuss possible future marketing ideas.

Benefit from getting valuation bookings directly from the ELAA-UK website

People can now book valuations via our website allowing you to get even more instructions by being a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK

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