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'Home sellers should always make sure their agent is a member of ELAA-UK'
- Home Sellers Advice Service

For Agents

We actively assist our members to increase revenues and better their brand image. We assist in ensuring they provide a higher level of service to their clients and receive more referrals and instructions as a direct result of being members of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK.

About  ELAA-UK

The Estate & Letting Agents Association is a professional body that was established to set higher standards for estate and letting agents throughout the UK. Only ELAA-UK members have access to our specialist advisors, in-depth market reports and the latest industry news. There are currently no real regulations on who can become an estate agent in the UK. The Estate & Letting Agents Association of United Kingdom (ELAA-UK) ensures its members are trusted, reliable professionals who constantly provide a superior service to their customers.

Higher standards for estate & letting agents throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

For Consumers

By choosing a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK (ELAA-UK) you can be confident that you will receive the right advice, the best price and an outstanding service. It is a guarantee that your transaction is protected and that your chosen agent is a trusted, professional and experienced agency that surpasses all legal requirements.

"We advise all home sellers to use an ELAA-UK member to sell their home, it's an easy way to make sure their agent is reputable and trustworthy. It costs the vendor nothing but could save them a lot of stress and could even help them achieve a higher price for their home"   
- Home Sellers Advice service*

"Using a member of the Estate & Letting Agents Association UK is an absolute must for landlords, it assures them their agent is professional and respected. It could save them not only money but also a lot of hassle"

- Landlord Advisory Service

Consumers: by choosing an ELAA-UK member to look after your purchase, sale or let you are ensuring you are protected and your chosen agent is:

  • Fully accredited
  • Vetted by us - all their credentials are regularly checked
  • They adhere to our expectations of an outstanding service
  • They are fully insured
  • They are members of a Government approved redress scheme
  • They exceed all legal requirements for an estate/letting agent
  • They are trusted, reliable and professional
  • They are aware of the latest market trends so can provide you with the right advice
  • They have access to the latest in-depth market reports, news and information to ensure you are provided with the correct information
  • You are assured that you are dealing with an agent with proven customer satisfaction and integrity
  • Our members shall always try to get you the best price for you property sale or let.
  • They will regularly communicate with all parties involved including solicitors
  • They will provide you with assistance at every stage

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'Membership of ELAA-UK provides so many benefits it's a MUST for all agencies'
- ALLUKAGENTS  (Extract from summary of All UK Agents report February 2019)